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16GB Class 10 Qmemory SDHC Card

Qmemory SDHC Cards


Qmemory combines high storage capacity, fast data transfer rates, and strong security in a reliable memory card. Quickly increase storage capacity in your digital camera or other portable device with Qmemory SD and SDHC Memory Cards. Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) is the newer SD 2.0 specification, which supports 4GB and up.

SDHC memory cards are highly secure and can be used in digital products that follow the 2.0 spec. SDHC guarantees a minimum read and write speed necessary to handle recording of high quality video and audio. Qmemory SDHC cards are fast, reliable, and simple – delivering speeds of up to 150X which yields over 22Mb per second of data transfer.

SDHC cards are only compatible with SDHC host devices indicated with the SDHC logo. However, standard SD cards are compatible with both SD and SDHC card devices. To ensure compatibility, look for the SDHC logo on cards and host devices (cameras, camcorders, etc.)

Carries a lifetime warranty compliments of Flash Memory Store!

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Weight 1.5 g
Dimensions 32 x 24 x 2.1 mm


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