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SanDisk 64MB Secure Digital Card (SDSDB-64-A10)

FMS Part: SDSDB-64-A10
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  The Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card is a flash memory storage device designed to meet the security, capacity, performance and environmental requirements inherent in emerging audio and video consumer electronics devices. They offer an incredible combination of high storage capacity, fast data transfer, great flexibility and excellent security; all in an incredibly small size. Features include cryptographic security for protection of copyrighted data, an improvement in the data transfer rate and a userselectable write protect switch. The SD Card can be used in a variety of digital products; digital music players, cellular phones, handheld PCs (HPCs), digital cameras, digital video camcorders, smart phones, car navigation systems and electronic books. Host systems designed for the SD Card will allow reading and writing of existing MultiMediaCards thus ensuring that existing user data can be easily migrated to, and used in, next generation systems.  
  • Cryptographic security for copyrighted data based on proven security concepts
  • High transfer rate for fast copy/downoad
  • High storage capacity
  • Non-volatile solid-state; no moving parts maximizes battery power
  • Data is not lost when power is turned off
  • Operating shock rating of 2,000Gs, equivalent to a 10-foot drop to the floor
  • User selectable mechanical write protect switch on the exterior card casing
  • Unfazed by drastic weather conditions ranging from blistering heat to freezing cold
  • Security level complies with Secure Digital Music Initiative portable device requirements
  • The SD Card weighs approximately 1.5g, is 32mm x 24mm, and is 2.1mm thick
  • This product is backed by a lifetime warranty.
  • Performance:
    SD Card packaging includes a new high performance, nine-pin SD interface that enables data transfer rates of up to 10 megabytes per second. New proprietary interface commands facilitate the secure exchange of content between host devices, like PCs and music servers and the card itself. A mechanical write protect slide switch provides the consumer with added protection against accidental overwriting or erasure of data stored on the card. The ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) tolerance has been significantly increased to ±10 Kvolts for contact discharge in the area of the interface pins and air discharge up-to ±15 Kvolts at all other points on the card body. A 9-pin serial interface ensures low cost integration into any device due to minimal pin count.
    Power Required:
  • Voltage: 2.7 to 3.6 volts
  • Current @ 3.3V: Read <33mA, Write <35mA
  • High Performance Write Current 65mA at 5V; 50 mA at 3.3V rms AA
  • Physical Specifications:
  • Length: 32mm
  • Width: 24mm
  • Height: 2.1mm
  • Weight: 1.5 grams
  • Environmental Specifications:
  • Shock 2000Gs
  • Operating Temperature -25 º C to 85 º C
  • Non-operating Temperature -40º C to 85 º C
  • Humidity 8% to 85%
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty:
  • This product is backed by a lifetime warranty.