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Navionics HotMaps Premium Lake Maps - South 2008 SD for Eagle, Humminbird, Furuno & Lowrance

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Navionics HotMaps Premium Lake Maps - South contain lake and river information for Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. The data is pre-loaded onto an SD memory card for use with your Lowrance, Eagle, Humminbird and Furuno NavNet vx2 chartplotters and sounders. The new 2008 version of Navionics HotMaps Premium contains over 12,000 lakes on five cards, with high-definition survey lake data in select areas.

Navionics HotMaps on SD cards are compatible with:

Eagle: FishElite 642c, 640c, 502c 500c, 480; FishStrike 1000c 2000c; SeaChamp 1000c df, 2000c df; SeaFinder 642c df, 600c df, 502c df, 500c df, 480 df; IntelliMap 642c, 640c, 502c, 500c, 480; SeaCharter 642c df, 640c df, 502c df, 500c df, 480 df

Furuno: All NavNet vx2 models and BB systems: 1724C, 1734C, 1824C, 1834C, 1934C, 1944C, 1954C, 1964C, GP1720C, GP1920C

Humminbird: 997c SI, 987c SI, 967c 3D, 957c, 955c, 947c 3D, 937c DF, 937c, 917c, 797c2 SI, 787c2, 785c2, 767, 757c,755c, 737, 595c, Matrix 87c, Matrix 97

Lowrance: GlobalMap 3300c, 3500c, 3600c, 4000m, 4800m, 4900m, 5000c, 5200c, 5300c, 5500c, 6000c, 6500c, 6600c hd, 7000c, 7200c, 7300c hd, 7500c, 7600c hd, 8200c, 8300c hd, 9200c, 9300c hd, Baja 540c; LMS-527c df, LMS-525c df, LMS-522c, LMS-520c, LMS-339c df, LMS-337c df, LMS-334c, LMS-332c, LMS-330c, LMS-480m df; LCX-113c hd, LCX-112c, LCX-111c hd, LCX-110c, LCX-104c, LCX-38c hd, LCX-37c, LCX-28c hd, LCX-27c, LCX-26c, LCX-25c, LCX-20c, LCX-18c, LCX-17m; iFinder Pro, iFinder H2O, iFinder H2O c, iFinher Hunt, iFinder Hunt C, iFinder Expedition C, iFinder Explorer, iFinder PhD, iFinder Map & Music; AirMap 2000C, 1000, 500